Distressed Short and Camo Tee


The heat lately in Houston has been ridiculous! Since I have lived in Houston all of my life I totally know that our summers are always really hot.  Therefore, I prepared myself, I stocked my refrigerator with sweet tea. LOL. jk, but not really.  

After having J I don't fit in everything currently and instead of sitting around looking like a hot mess, I decided to up size on some of my shorts so that they were comfortable.  Plus I totally can't find these AE shorts that I bought before I moved so I am deciding they are currently lost.  

I recently paired my new favorite black distressed denim shorts with a camo shirt that I picked up from Target, my blacked out Ray Bans [I am still missing my pink aviators] and some really cute black sandals from Forever 21.  

Oh em gee, I also picked up this really cute back pack from Target.  It isn't a fullsized back pack which is great for when I am running in a store with J and I don't want to take his entire diaper bag.  I am completely loving it especially with the really nice faux leather at the bottom so I don't have to worry about the bottom getting dirty.  It also was only $29.99 : D

I also threw on my new favorite bracelets and bangles to add a little glam to the entire outfit. 

I am thinking this is my favorite go to summer outfit this year.