Mostess Box Launch Party


So I have to admit, I am an introvert by nature I don't do well in social situations.  I guess that is why this blogging thing is a much better avenue for me.  

It also doesn't help that while I have been pregnant I don't want to stick my belly into other peoples conversations.  So when I saw the invite for the Mostess Box launch party I wasn't too sure I wanted to go but I knew that I had to go support my friend Stacy.

I am so glad that my introverted self didn't win this battle because it was purely amazing.  All the desserts, that I did my best to stay away from and all the beautiful set ups using the 4 different Mostess Box were so photo/blog worthy.   

You can find the latest box here and see what you missed out on previous boxes.  There are 4 boxes a year with certain items to help you be the perfect host. 

The founder Lindsey Rose King came up with the idea after being the host for an engagement party for a friend.  She is very aware of all the trouble we go through to host the perfect party with all the cute details that have your friends wondering where did you get it.  And now you can just tell them Mostess Box.

The great thing is that with the holidays coming up right around the corner Mostess Box takes all the hassle out of it for you.  You can use the box to host your own party or give it as a gift to friends so they can host you!  It is a total win, win.  

If you are looking for more tips on hosting your own party, definitely check out the Mostess Box blog it has tons of tips/tricks! 


The amazing Wink by Erica made these delicious macaroons and I am so glad that I will be using her for the baby shower next month.  Don't worry they taste as good as they look! 


And I walked away with my first ever swag bag!  It included the most amazing cotton candy from Toast from the Host!  If you have an event coming up and want to do something different than the norm, I would totally look her up.  


Oh and I figured I owed you guys a bump update, it is definitely getting bigger and fitting into clothes is getting tougher but I am very excited to now be in my third trimester!