Four More Days.


It is official, the countdown has begun. 

I haven't announced it but I put my two week notice in at my job on March 17 and I couldn't be more ready to quit something in my life. 

Don't get me wrong, I liked my job but I didn't love it and it was time to make some changes. 

I know to some of you especially those who may read this that actually worked with me would beg to differ. I know.  When I first started a lot of people didn't even know I existed I was really, really quiet

For me it was never the actual job or the people I worked with, I kind of enjoyed having a "family" of sorts up here.  It was very much so a work harder not smarter environment and I don't work that way.

After spending so many years trying for J, when he finally arrived you can imagine how hard it was for me to even think about leaving him to return to this place.  With him in good hands, it was easier to leave him than I imagined but it wasn't worth it. I missed him and I knew eventually I would find any reason to not come to work.  

There were days I would tell E I am not sure I want to put in my notice.  I wasn't sure if staying home was for me, I have only spent a few months at a time not working since I was 15.  We just bought a house last year and not having the security of a second income was freaking me the fuck out, to be honest. And still is.

But it is time to let go, move on and be home with my little love. 

So today the count down begins. Let's do this.