How to Create a Weekly Plan for a Stay at Home Mama

The first year of becoming a stay at home mom, my life just seemed like a really long never ending day, that kept repeating itself.

It was seriously all a blur.

When I had a full time job I was really great at scheduling my work out and remembering what needed to get done and how long I’d have to do it or if I needed to pick up the pace.

So when it came to doing the same thing at home I dropped the ball and I found my life feeling chaotic and out of sorts on a daily. It would really make me feel like I had no control over anything.

Until I recently listened to the Jenna Kutcher Podcast: EP: 207, where she talks all things batch work and how it can essentially help free up more time in your schedule.

Instead of half-done, or 99% done, it sets the stage for focused work that is wildly efficient.

As a stay-at-home mama I feel like batch work could really help me organize my day so things are much less frantic and up in the air.

I know life with a toddler can be a bit whatever way the wind blows type of lifestyle but for J and myself structure and routine have been a much better way of life.

I have always been a planner but never great follow through. I would get my months set up in advance, and then something would happen or I would get discouraged and out the window it went.

Last year as I was browsing the shelves for all things planning and I came across the simplest weekly planner and started writing things a week at a time.

I created something similar, you can click here to download.

First, I’d plan our dinners then I would start penciling in activities like go to the zoo, take a walk to the park, meet my mom for breakfast, and etc.

Just having a week of planned of dinners felt like the largest weight lifting off my shoulders.

HelloFresh has also been a great way for me to take the burden of figuring dinners, pinning recipes and getting all of the necessary ingredients with a toddler at the grocery store off of my plate. If I know we have a busy week coming up I’ll schedule a delivery of HelloFresh.

Here is a link for $40 off your first box


Sometimes dinner didn’t go as planned and we ate out or we didn’t make it to the park because it rained too much, but it was nice to wake up with a feeling that we had a place to be and a day ahead of us to conquer.

I even put something as simple as make coffee just so that was something I remembered to do for myself.

I want to start implementing certain tasks designated on certain days of the week, like this chore chart I was playing around with.

As a #sahm it is really difficult to lose your identity and what value you hold in the house when you seem like you never change out of your PJs and never talk to anyone remotely close to your age.

Batch work is essentially focusing on one task at hand for a shorter period of time rather than fitting in smaller increments of the same task over a longer period of time, essentially working hard not smarter and longer.

Today I came home, set a timer for 30 minutes and I tidied up our kitchen, turned on our robot vacuum and then proceeded to get J down for this nap.

Normally I would space things out all to be done in one day like wash the dishes, catch up on laundry, make the bed, schedule bills, etc.

But I found myself either missing a task that was very important or I’d get overwhelmed with everything on my plate in one single day and end up not accomplishing much of anything at all.

I once found myself asking in a mom group, how do I avoid not having to clean every single day. And the response was “you will always have to clean something, every day.”

It is better to clean one thing a day than clean a bunch of things one day and be burnt out or only a clean house on one day.

If I were to break down my daily cleaning tasks I’d have less to clean in a shorter period of time.

So a typical schedule may be this:

  • M: clean all the bathrooms, take out trash

  • T: tidy upstairs, fold blankets, and clean up Jaxon’s room

  • W: Wash and Fold Laundry

  • Th: clean refrigerator, take out trash

  • F: Mop the Floors & Vacuum, tidy up our master bedroom

  • S: Clean the stove, microwave and kitchen cabinets

  • Su: Figure out groceries for week ahead, and plan activities.

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Do you think batch work is a tool you can utilize to focus and execute tasks better?