How to Save on your Kid's Valentine Gifts

Learning from my tips to avoid paying $8 per kid for Valentine's Gifts

A long time ago when I was kid, my older brother would always come to my school with flowers and surprise me for Valentine's day and it was one of my favorite memories from my childhood days so I have always wanted to do something special like that for my niece's. 

The problem was by time I was able to afford to buy them something I had a job and I had to go to work during their school hours but now I am off and able to get to there school and visit, even if it is just a short period of time.  

So this year I made it a point to make sure I could get them something even if I can't deliver it to them at school because I don't think J would act remotely calm when he is around other kids. 

Where to go?

If you are a Target kid [aka adult age women that wonders around Target aimlessly in search of everything and nothing at the same time.], then you know all about their dollar section but this year after I picked up all these cute things in the dollar section I made it to their Valentine section and found a bunch of really cute things that were much better budget options than what I found in their dollar section.

TIP: Don't just go to where you think you will find the budget stuff, clearance sections, sales, etc., are also great places to find things. I feel like you have to think outside of the box because a lot of people will always gravitate towards the easy and the known. 

Also don't wait last minute then hit yourself on the head later on wondering why you couldn't find anything on a budget.

How to Save on your Kids Valentine's

How to Buy

The Target dollar section gets you in two ways, it is at the front of each store and by only giving you one item at a time at a dollar.  The dollar section got me this time but next time I definitely know to look past the dollar section and make my way around the store. 

Your better option is to buy multiple items at a lower price and then divide them up.

For instance, the pack of pencils down there was $3 dollars for 16 pencils which ends up being about .18 cents for each pencil. There was also a pack of bubbles in hearts, 4 for a $1 - each costing .25 cents.  

The dollar section also had smaller bags at 2 for $1, then I found 8 for $2 once again .25 cents per bag!

Tip: Buying in bulk is good for your household as it is in gifting as well! 


Stock up

Lastly, if you find stuff on sale stock up for the next year.  Buy totes or boxes and keep things for the next year.  I wish I had time after Christmas to go back to the store and stock up on Christmas Decor but I know that some or most items can be very cheap after the holiday or the day before it is to happen. 

If you have the space to spare in your house, totally stock up on items that won't expire and you can use next year.  The dollar store even has small totes for a $1.  


I hope you loves found this post, helpful.  I know I shop at Target a lot and I am always looking for ways to save money. If you have any tips or tricks you would like to add to this post, please put them in the comments below.  

Have a wonderful rest of your week!  Love y'all! 

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My Go - To Children's App

Hey loves! Happy Tuesday.

A few weeks ago I posted about Dave and Ava on my instastories.  I wanted to put it out there first to see who would have what to say about mothering with electronics. I was on the fence about writing this because I know there are a lot of mom's who are against the early use of electronics in their child's life, which I completely understand and on occasion agree with.  Too much too soon can halt any other kind of use of real books, real interaction with parents, family and other kids. 


But I love this app because I have been able to brush my teeth, shower and use the bathroom without having J as a permanent attachment to my body, and no all of these weren't done in one sitting. Moderation folks, moderation

J is super attached to me when we are home, he is my little shadow everywhere I go, and now that he is walking/running we are constantly trying to keep him occupied. Often we try to use something sensory driven like blocks, flash cards or toys. But sometimes he wants more, so we turn to Dave and Ava.  

When I used to work I would always spend time watching dance videos I love music and I love to dance so of course when I started staying home with J we started watching them together. He started to love dancing and it was something we would do together at the house and now at the grocery store whatever occupies his attention. He loves to dance his current favorite is Camila Cabello's "Havana" it really gets him going.


Then J and I would have these great dance battles, kids got some moves and one day I was looking for some lullaby music to help him fall asleep when his favorite lullaby toy batteries went out.

I happened to see Dave and Ava and the rest was history. We listened and watched one and J picked up on it quickly. We mostly watched it on YouTube but once it would get stuck on his iPad in the car to the "skip ad" part and he would get mad I knew it was time to just get the paid version. It is 19.99 but it is for the life of however long your little one is interested in it, you don't have any in-app purchases to get more videos and they are constantly adding new ones. 


They also do holiday themed inspired videos, so when it is Halloween Dave and Ava are dressed up, etc.

It is really nice that they incorporate that into the video because the kids can understand them earlier too. 

There are captions so parents know what is coming next so they can sing along or join in. There are a lot of nursery rhymes but there are also a lot of educational songs, kids can learn their ABCs, 123's and colors too.  J will ask to watch it every morning and is ready for them on his car rides, although I may be cutting back on how often we are watching Dave and Ava, to when we are in the car just because we are getting into books, flash cards, etc.

I do still plan to research more things that J and I can do togethwe once in warms up more here I want to start taking him on walks and not be inside so much.  

Dave and Ava has been a tremendous help when you need to do the dishes, put laundry in, take a shower, drink hot coffee and for a few minutes feel like a normal human again. 

If you guys want to know more about Dave and Ava, please comment or message me on social media I am very happy to share more.

Of course, not every baby or child will like it so I would recommend using the YouTube version to share with your little one first before purchasing.