Odds and Ends: Life Update August 2019

Hey guys, I'm back!

When I started this entire blogging thing it really was just for the fun of it all. If people were making money off of it, it wasn’t like it was now. I am ready to get back to why I originally started blogging, for me.

Jaxon's allergies have been bothering him for a couple of days so he is actually taking a decent nap, which has given me time to actually get things done.

hello vashti | Odds and Ends: Life Update 2019 - Selfie of Jaxon and I

I've done a quick work out, planned a little bit, and then now I'm actually getting to write!

I did have to intentionally try to not clean the kitchen, or fold all of the laundry that is currently sitting on our bed but it is all a little give and take.

Being immensely intentional with your time seems to be key in being productive, you can spend so many hours a day doing work that gets you absolutely no where or you can intentionally focus on certain tasks and seemingly as I have learned accomplish much more.

Jax is now awake. He woke up and has now fell back asleep on my lap while I type this. And this my friends is the epitome of mom life.

Life Lately


I always feel like a much needed break is necessary for me even though I never intentionally do them, but I always feel so much better after having had them. I haven’t even posted to my main feed on IG in a few days and I can’t say that I miss that much either.


I really just want to get back to doing all of this for the fun of it all. I have so much going on at different times and I feel like just letting life be what it is currently is what is best for me.

I can’t do the hustle, or the staying up super late while my family sleeps. I have been trying to wake up earlier and get some time to myself before J gets up.


Lately I have been S L O W L Y transitioning our house to a clean-living-less waste way of living and yall I mean slowly.

I am also loving how oils are helping diy a bunch of things that I would constantly buy over and over. I recently made this hand soap for the bathroom and everyone from E to my MIL have asked me where I got it.

I feel like the less things we constantly keep in our house the less clutter it has. I think I am going to create a plan to go through one room each week and finally get our house in some kind of order.

I really want everything to have a place to go back to so it can be easier for our family [not just myself] when tidying up, it absolutely needs to be an entire household effort and lately it has been a ME only effort.

I have also been on the hunt to finally get our patios put together.

We have three [yes! three patios] and all of them need some TLC. I hope to maybe document what I do and share it here with you guys. I have a couple of ideas I am hoping to accomplish and I am praying that they look half way decent, when I am finally done with it all.


I have been transitioning into a digital planning system on my iPad versus lugging around a million different planners or buying new ones. I do have to keep myself from buying notepads and pens.


I will always do damage in the office supply section.

I have also been trying to create a better schedule for myself and Jaxon. I feel like a lot of my day is constantly cleaning or washing and I would prefer to spend more time with him.

We recently had a fun day at the zoo with my mom and I realize that we are missing out on so much staying home every day.

In my defense J often says “Mom, can we go home?” and most of the time I can’t agree more, especially with the heat that Texas has been enduring the past couple of months.

hello vashti | Zoo Day - Mom and Jax