Photographing The Bump

As I sit here looking through the photographs that Taryn Melgoza Photography created for us, I can't believe that it was just a couple of months ago I was still pregnant, and baby Jaxon was still inside of me growing and getting bigger.  It brings back so many memories, times I will cherish and moments I will always have close to my heart.

I can't believe that we have a beautiful baby boy now and we just had his first newborn session with her today.  I can't believe he is already 16 days old and that he is here.  

E has been such a great dad and I know us women have a gear that normally kicks in right away but I believe E's dad mode button was switched into high gear too. 

As I type this E is on the couch soothing him to sleep and I can't believe how surreal it all is.  I can't believe that 3 years ago I was on my way to Mexico to start treatment in hopes that we will finally get the love we have now. I still find myself staring at him in amazement because for years we dreamed for him, loved for him, cried for him, and now he is here.  And he is all ours.

I am in such awe of the images she created and I am so glad that we invested in her to capture these special moments in our lives, I can't wait until I am finally able to get these printed and we can display them all over our house, our walls are currently bare just waiting for some of this love.  

I promise I am going to get caught up on writing one of these days. During my pregnancy and even after I couldn't get my mind to come up with the words to write blog post that I was proud of, so I am attempting to play catch up! 

PS.  Can I just say that I love me, some us!  I love how much we come through in these photographs.  I love how much E and I have fought through, all the tribulations and trials in our life and how much we have grown in the past year.  I love me some us and I always will. 

Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog
Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog
Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog
Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog
Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog
Photographing The Bump | Hello There, Love. Blog



I am

Growing up it has been hard to believe in the essence of timing, the essence that when the time is right it will happen. I always hated when people would tell me, when the time is right it will happen.  Just. Have. Patience. [insert 🙄]

I know how much of the good in my life has come at its own time, it was still a struggle for me to believe and to have patience

Today I still have a hard time believing that something this amazing that we have prayed for has finally come into form. 

I, of course would've loved to keep it to myself until next year when it was time but we have told some family and friends so I know it was time to let all the people who kept us in their prayers over the past 8 years also know. 

I know that this has only been possible because of God and all the prayers we have had for us and our dream to become parents. I do know that the time is right and that our prayers have been answer.  I do know that we have had some of the best people stick by us through all of this and I couldn't ask for a better support system than what we have.  

I am happy and excited to announce that E and I are expecting a baby boy in January 2017. 

I am going to be a mother. I will finally make E a daddy and we will finally be parents.  

I don't think that I am fully aware of how much love and joy is going on in my body, we are currently 16 weeks and 2 days today

So if you asked me in April or early May if I was pregnant and I told you no.  I was but I had no clue.  I didn't find out myself until May 21st.