10 Reason to Use a Menstrual Cup

I just realized I had started working on this post last year when I had originally started wearing my cup for the first time.

We all know the struggle of being a woman on her cycle, it can be rough. You have to change a lot of what you do with your life for an entire week [can be less if your lucky, I’m not].

Because we have the luxury of bleeding on a monthly basis, cramping, hormones, and a slew of other things that go into being a women.

If you have pre-planned life events like vacations, photo shoots, life in general, etc. It can ruin the vibe when you have to deal with finding a restroom every few hours.

The first couple of days of my cycle even leaving my house can be a headache, but since I have been using my menstrual cup and essential oils I feel like I don’t have to be so closed off during “that time of the month”.

So today, I wanted to give you guys an insight on why I love mine so much enough to talk about it on social media!

10 Reasons I love my Menstrual Cup

  1. Pack one item : If you are traveling or going on a road trip there is no need to pack a million pads, tampons, panty-liners for your trip. You just wear or pack your menstrual cup and you are good to go. [I will note that I do pack panty-liners just in case]

  2. 10 - 12 hours of wear time: that means no having to run to the restroom to change a tampon, or pad every couple of hours.

  3. TSS : No need to worry about the dreadful TSS, cups are made out of silicone!

  4. Cost Effective : You can purchase one [or two, one for back-up] you don’t have to continuously buy a new cup every single period, if you maintain it and take care of it you can keep one of these for up to 10 years!

  5. Comfort: In my opinion, once you are able to place your cup according to your body the comfort of wearing a cup is amazing. I even forget that I have a cycle entirely because there are pretty much no inconveniences to it. I don’t have to make sure and change it, there is no chaffing, or irritation in my lady bits.

  6. Change 1-2 times a day : Depending on how heavy your flow is you can change your cup once or twice a day and be good. At times my cycle can be pretty heavy and on occasion I have wore tampons because I had to be at an event and I typically only change mine in the shower, if I can help it.

  7. Less cramping : I have noticed significantly less cramping and pain surrounding my cycle when I use a cup which I love. I recently did have a heavier cycle on day one and had to use tampons for a day while photography a wedding and the pain wasn’t fun at all.

  8. Wear while sleeping : At night I always slept with a pad when wearing tampons because I scared myself into believing it would get lost up there when I would be sleeping. With a cup sleeping is much more comfortable, less worry and less painful at night. I will say day one or so can be a little difficult depending on how heavy your cycle is.

  9. Swimming + Working Out : I don’t know about you but when I have my cycle I typically avoid the pool or beach at all cost, which can interrupt an already scheduled beach vacation. With a Menstrual cup all of that goes out the window and I feel much more confident going swimming without having to worry about a string or leakage. I have worn a cup while working out as well and I really felt so much more confident doing squats without feeling like I was going to push a tampon out or leak everywhere.

  10. Less worrying : I have anxiety in almost every single situation and I over-think ever part of it all. So having to go somewhere outside of my house when I am heavier than usual typically put me on a higher anxiety level. But I just overall feel much more comfortable wearing my cup and thoughts over leakage, just kind of go out the window.

I will say that a cup or disc isn’t for everyone and the shapes of our cervix’s aren’t all made equal so I would say give it a good try and if you don’t like them then they just aren’t for you.

But if you love them as much as I do. I would love to hear about it. I feel like it is just a huge weight lifted off of our already super stacked shoulders.

My current go-to cup for my cycle is the diva cup, I have however tried the Saalt Cup, and the new Flex cup.

If you’d like my opinion on any of them let me know.

Here is a post I read from another blogger on Menstrual Cup’s.