Casual Memorial Weekend Outfit Inspiration

Finally Memorial Weekend is here and it seems like I have been looking forward to this all year. Lately my weeks and days are all running together and I can't seem to catch them.  This weekend however, I plan to sit back and do some major relaxing and the only way to do that is to be in casual mode. 

am in desperate need of replenishing my white converse and I think I may get another pair of Keds too.  I have dogs who love to step all over my feet so I typically try to keep a pair of flip flops in the car to change into prior to running out to play with them. 

My other favorite thing right now is jeggings because they are super comfortable, and white nail polish I can't seem to get enough.  I went with a mauve colored lip for this look because I feel like it goes perfectly with the camo hat.

The hint of turquoise was solely to add a little summer flare, and the winged necklace I want in my life like yesterday.

What are you up to this memorial weekend?

Comfy Casual for Mother's Day

It is Friyay!

This week was entirely filled with way too many things and made me seriously second guess whether or not I could some how fit kids into the equation eventually.  Mothers you are the real MVPs, seriously.  

This weekends schedule is pretty full to the brim as well, especially with Mother's Day on Sunday.  I believe the plan is to do church and lunch with my MIL, and then if we catch my mom spend some time with her but otherwise we live with her so she gets special treatment all the time, lol. 

I put a casual look that can take you from church to the lunch table in no time with the option of tennis shoes, because why not?

The Casual Mother's Day Look 

I love heels, but my feet aren't always cooperative [I literally fell down our driveway once, and have the scar to prove it].  So I normally tend to throw a pair of tennis shoes, flats, sandals or flip flops in the car because the first chance I get I change out of those suckers.

I love that this top is a little shear and flow-y because while I love the typical dress I just want to be comfortable. 

Converse because duh! 

This particular pair of jeans are way out of my comfort zone as far as price, so I would totally opt for an amazing pair of American Eagle jeans. 

I desperately need to get my nails done and I am thinking of white for this weekend, or I may go with a light pink/nude color since Memorial Weekend will be around the corner.  

And that sums up this casual look!

Shout out to all of the lovely mom's your work is never done.

love, lace + a whole lotta grace,