10 Reason to Use a Menstrual Cup

I just realized I had started working on this post last year when I had originally started wearing my cup for the first time.

We all know the struggle of being a woman on her cycle, it can be rough. You have to change a lot of what you do with your life for an entire week [can be less if your lucky, I’m not].

Because we have the luxury of bleeding on a monthly basis, cramping, hormones, and a slew of other things that go into being a women.

If you have pre-planned life events like vacations, photo shoots, life in general, etc. It can ruin the vibe when you have to deal with finding a restroom every few hours.

The first couple of days of my cycle even leaving my house can be a headache, but since I have been using my menstrual cup and essential oils I feel like I don’t have to be so closed off during “that time of the month”.

So today, I wanted to give you guys an insight on why I love mine so much enough to talk about it on social media!

10 Reasons I love my Menstrual Cup

  1. Pack one item : If you are traveling or going on a road trip there is no need to pack a million pads, tampons, panty-liners for your trip. You just wear or pack your menstrual cup and you are good to go. [I will note that I do pack panty-liners just in case]

  2. 10 - 12 hours of wear time: that means no having to run to the restroom to change a tampon, or pad every couple of hours.

  3. TSS : No need to worry about the dreadful TSS, cups are made out of silicone!

  4. Cost Effective : You can purchase one [or two, one for back-up] you don’t have to continuously buy a new cup every single period, if you maintain it and take care of it you can keep one of these for up to 10 years!

  5. Comfort: In my opinion, once you are able to place your cup according to your body the comfort of wearing a cup is amazing. I even forget that I have a cycle entirely because there are pretty much no inconveniences to it. I don’t have to make sure and change it, there is no chaffing, or irritation in my lady bits.

  6. Change 1-2 times a day : Depending on how heavy your flow is you can change your cup once or twice a day and be good. At times my cycle can be pretty heavy and on occasion I have wore tampons because I had to be at an event and I typically only change mine in the shower, if I can help it.

  7. Less cramping : I have noticed significantly less cramping and pain surrounding my cycle when I use a cup which I love. I recently did have a heavier cycle on day one and had to use tampons for a day while photography a wedding and the pain wasn’t fun at all.

  8. Wear while sleeping : At night I always slept with a pad when wearing tampons because I scared myself into believing it would get lost up there when I would be sleeping. With a cup sleeping is much more comfortable, less worry and less painful at night. I will say day one or so can be a little difficult depending on how heavy your cycle is.

  9. Swimming + Working Out : I don’t know about you but when I have my cycle I typically avoid the pool or beach at all cost, which can interrupt an already scheduled beach vacation. With a Menstrual cup all of that goes out the window and I feel much more confident going swimming without having to worry about a string or leakage. I have worn a cup while working out as well and I really felt so much more confident doing squats without feeling like I was going to push a tampon out or leak everywhere.

  10. Less worrying : I have anxiety in almost every single situation and I over-think ever part of it all. So having to go somewhere outside of my house when I am heavier than usual typically put me on a higher anxiety level. But I just overall feel much more comfortable wearing my cup and thoughts over leakage, just kind of go out the window.

I will say that a cup or disc isn’t for everyone and the shapes of our cervix’s aren’t all made equal so I would say give it a good try and if you don’t like them then they just aren’t for you.

But if you love them as much as I do. I would love to hear about it. I feel like it is just a huge weight lifted off of our already super stacked shoulders.

My current go-to cup for my cycle is the diva cup, I have however tried the Saalt Cup, and the new Flex cup.

If you’d like my opinion on any of them let me know.

Here is a post I read from another blogger on Menstrual Cup’s.

Mama Moments

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a blog while I was looking for #mommybloggers like myself and found the Honest Mama Blog, written by Hannah and it was one of those findings that was the right time, right place type of thing.


After reading most of the things she wrote, I  thought well maybe I should start a series here on my blog doing something similar.  Now I am no where near as great of a writer as Hannah and I entirely encourage you to read a lot of what she wrote because not only is it good writing but a lot of what she has to say isn't out there in the world. And us not-so-perfect Mama's need to hear it. 

The world has sugar-coated everything out there regarding Motherhood and made a lot of us feel like shitty mom's because our experience isn't what everyone says it would be/should be. 

Mothering at it's finest is hard. If you find a mom on social or in real life that is acting like her shit is together, she is doing just that acting. 

Now don't get me wrong motherhood has it's perks.  The moment when Jax says "mama", I am all weak in the knees in love, or when he cuddles me in the morning.  When he grabs my hand to walk down the stairs, or when he finds me in the middle of the night so he can lay next to me.  It is the absolute best feeling in the world and I am so grateful to be his mama. Absolutely grateful!

All of those plus much much more is the great part about being a mommy/parent.  But then you also have other moments that no one tells you about or they forget completely.  

And they leave you feeling like you should be walking around with a shirt that says world worst mom, ever! 

Because there are those moments where you are like "I am getting one thing from the store and then we will head back home", so you don't pack all of the things for the baby on your way out, like a change of clothes and he ends up somehow peeing through his diaper and all over his clothing. 

So instead of  the one thing, it turns into a bunch of things and you can never cleverly explain to your husband why you can never walk out of Target under $100 🤦🏽‍♀️

Moral of the story motherhood can be very hard at times and you need all the help and support you can get, my advice to you is take it. If they are offering more than likely they want to watch you little one, or they know what exhaustion looks like, feels like and honestly just want to help. 

Another note, the judgement from others has been there all your life and it just intensifies when you become a mommy, my recommendation is to develop thicker skin, or don't give a shit mentality, and you keep your head held high.

Monthly Photo Round Up: February

hello loves!
So I am going to be honest here, while I had the entire month of March planned out I ended up taking some of those post and posting them in February so I need to fix some things.

But, I also didn't have a post ready and while I am sitting here at !:15a with a numb butt and partially falling off our king size bed, I in the spur of the moment came up with this great idea to do a monthly recap of last month photos.  

My idea is that I share images that were taken on my phone or Sony A6000 but wasn't shared on social, so only my blog readers can actually see them.  Plus this is a great way for me to recap what silly images I still keep in my phone and maybe encourage me to get rid of a few others.

I have a really bad habit of never deleting or backing up my phone so I have a ton of images on my phone that broke of J that I didn't save anywhere.  And I was the one preaching to everyone to back their photos up.  That didn't teach me any lessons and I lost a lot of photos, but take my advice and back your photos up to Google Photos or Amazon Prime if you already have a subscription, it is totally worth it.  

I do also want to start printing some of my iPhone photo.  If you have any that you have used like chatbooks, or whatever let me know I'd love to hear your feedback. 

Let's get into the photos of February from my iPhone.

I have some other ideas that I am thinking of too and maybe I'll post them on stories and get some feedback from y'all as well. If you don't follow me on instagram yet please do!  



Feb 28// J at the park


Feb 27// night time, bathroom lights shining through our bathroom doors.  


J throwing a fit at the doctor's office 🤦🏽‍♀️ 


Churros & Gringos


I painted my own damn nails 


Mom is it ever going to stop raining? 


Main event


the main event 


Our Wild Guy Turns One - Jaxon's First Birthday

Wild One Theme Birthday

We were smiling at the end of the night, so I would say it was a success!

Even with having to reschedule due to both of us having the flu it turned out perfectly and honestly I have to thank all of the vendors I had they were amazing with reschedules and even more amazing with what I had ordered! 

I also want to thank everyone who made it to his party and was there to celebrate with us, it so nice to have everyone.  

Cake: Whisk Bakery 
Cookies + Cupcakes: 350bakehouse
BBQ: Demeris
Crowns: ConfettiMommaParty
Invites: NothingPanda
Balloons: Party City
Banner: DIY
Monthly Photo Banner: LittleLinnDesigns
S'mores Tags: OctMoonPaper
Parent Shirts: OllieandPenny
Jaxon's Shirt: OllieandPenny
Cupcake Toppers: LifeisSweetFTW
Rice Krispy Treats: My SIL Cesilia
Photos Taken By: Nephew Ashtin : D


Self Love + Body Goals

hello there, loves!


It is officially 2018 and whilst I have been under the weather and so had J, the other day I had a moment where I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror and was kind of in a little bit of a shock/awe state. I was genuinely amazed at all my body has gone through and while I know it is less than most, and more than some it doesn't take away what it has accomplished. 

I have to put in kind of a disclaimer here, this year's body goals are simply to eat better, and live better than last year.  I am in no way shape or form going to put some ideal image in my head in hopes of being a thinner me, I simply want to enjoy the body I have by eating better when possible, and doing more with life in general. 


I guess it's kind of inevitable to put up one of these post for the new year, and yeah I'll probably do the whole new year, new me thing but I wanted to put out there how exceptionally proud I am of my body. 


Not only did it grow a baby, but it was sliced open to bring that beautiful, amazing, miracle of ours into this world and I don't think I have ever been so thankful of my body in it's state as it is today. I have the worst posture, I know. 

I stretched y'all my skin hung and looked gross for a while there and there were days I was like ugh, who wants to see this naked?  I had developed this bump of "skin" I guess from J sitting so low my entire pregnancy and I thought it would never go away. I didn't think I would look good in lingerie, or a bikini ever again. And maybe I don't but I am still going to rock the hell out of them.  

I struggled with self-confidence for all of my life, I hated being in front of the camera and I hated my smile [I still want braces], and I was never, ever the girl who got the guy [with the exception of E]. 


This year my body goal isn't to necessarily lose weight but to eat better as much as possible, to run more because it is my best stress reliever and I really do love it, and to just tone my body if I can. Plus can I get my booty back? I lost that thing mid pregnancy and haven't found it yet. 🤦🏽‍♀️



My one tip for myself and you as well is to do as much as you possibly can without making it too hard on yourself because once you start making this a job or something else to do on your list you will grow to hate it, and your goals will get tossed to the side and you'll be left as you were by March or sooner. My plan is to do better this year, I just know that there is a better me out there I just have to get rid of a lot of shit. 


I am also currently reading  "Get Your Shit Together" by Sarah Knight, I literally just started but I love it so far.  And while I am already feeling like I am going to accomplish great things this year. 

Wild One Theme Birthday Shoot


Heyyy guys!  Today is J's first birthday!  I need to stop saying this but really I can't believe how fast time has gone.  I recently took a look back at our maternity photos I just would've never realized at that moment that I would be where I am now writing this blog, looking at these pictures.  It is crazy, y'all. 

I knew I needed to get invites sent out for J's birthday but his first birthday session was pushed back due to weather and I wasn't sure the invites would make it to houses on time so I decided I should take a stab at trying to get a couple of shots of J for his first birthday myself, I had all the equipment in my office and we had some time to kill before dad came home so I dived in. 

I planned to do the "Wild One' theme and had purchased a tee pee and his costume ahead of time so I got everything I could find around our house that would go with the theme and rolled with what I was getting.  J was very interested in the lights and instead of trying to force him to smile at the camera which is the most difficult thing at times I captured him being the "wild one" that he is.  I could eat him up I love him so. 

The set up was pretty simple and took no time at all so I set up every thing, tested the lighting and waited until the very end to get J in his costume, if there is one thing I have learned with J is that he doesn't like to be hot or in clothes at all for that matter. E was at work so he couldn't help me so it was just mommy and J.

I think they turned out pretty well for being photographed in our dining room and with no additional lighting as well. 

photography and editing was done by yours truly with a little help from Peter McKinnon presets

The Truth | Transitioning to a #SAHM

Man I love this little guy so much, I even miss him during his occasional naps when they do happen.  

Transitioning to a Stay at Home Mom

J is a couple of months shy of his 1st birthday, and besides freaking out because I am behind on his party planning, transitioning into a stay at home mom has been much more difficult than I had imagined.  

Especially since some of the mom's I see on IG are all at coffee shops and having nights out on the town. Totally not happening for me, I do go to coffee shops but only by way of their drive-thru all while praying that J stays asleep and doesn't notice the car has stopped and nights out on the town are typically taking out the trash. 

My days consist of daily picking up, washing dishes, cooking dinner, and cleaning house. All of it on top of all of your responsibility of being a mom, taking care of your husband and making yourself look somewhat presentable to the world, while yes trying to lose the "baby weight" [another topic in itself].

For instance, today has been E bringing me breakfast [which is a rare occasion], washing dishes, eating ramen [not the gourmet kind, the kind that college students eat] for lunch, then get J fed and down for a nap, and in between all of that trying to find the time to blog plan and pay bills.

 The problem is E and I had never discussed the "roles" of the household, we just knew that since I wasn't working our entire income would have to come from him working, aka not being home a lot.  😕. So I highly suggest if you are going to make the transition get a plan together and have a sit down discussion about who expects what, etc.

In my case and I'm pretty sure most women/men in this position your spouse [my husband] is now the money-maker, bread-winner, etc., so the one income now lies on the shoulder of just your spouse.  It is pretty overwhelming, & I know exactly how it feels to be the only person in your house working and the burden on your shoulders.  

We have also taken responsibility for a business that my family has run since I was a baby so that is another added stress to us.  Plus taking care of a baby on top of all of that, and trying to make sure he is happy, healthy and everything you hope as a parent you are to him is difficult.

I mean if we are being honest going from not-a-parent, to being a parent is a difficult transition in itself and adding the above stresses to the mix makes it even harder

The past few months have been really hard for me/us, staying home with J is amazing I'm not missing any of his first, dealing with the dramas of the job or the long horrible drive to and from work. I mean I'm not complaining I just on the rare occasion miss being able to not have a child tugging on me or watching my every move and crying if he doesn't see me. 

This transition has been like starting a job in the mailroom of a company and having to work your way to the top and let's just say I am still stuck in the mailroom on most/all days. 

J is now mobile as in getting out of the shopping cart and grabbing on things so unless you want to brave taking out a mobile almost 10 month old or test your patience you spend a lot of time at  home. 

But I always miss him and can't wait to be back home, so the "escape" is never really worth it for me.  

However, the flip side of thing is you get to walk around without pants on for 90% of the day and if the unwelcomed solicitor comes and wants to knock on my door, they on occasion get me in PJ's.  Sorry, not sorry.

The moral of this story is don't be that ass who says "yeah, what does she do all day?" like I did before having one of my own because then you'll find yourself sitting on a couch with baby slobber on your face, and your hair in a mess and you will truly know what she does all day.

So be kind to the mom on the plane with the crying baby, the one juggling her child while opening a door, or the one who looks exceptionally tired because she may have just stayed up all night while her baby kicked her in the side all night. 

But most importantly be kind to one another, you know just in general.   

Stay at Home Mom Life | hello there, love.

Visiting Wimberley, TX

This past weekend was the BEST!  The only thing that was missing was E to join in on the fun.  

I can't believe that J is now 6 months old and we went on his first road trip, everything is a first currently and it is so amazing that he is finally here but time is flying and I just wish it would slow down a little. 

We spent the weekend in Wimberley, and it was beautiful.  I can't wait to go back.  There are so many trails for hiking and the place is just beautiful.  I love the quaintness of it all it is so peaceful.  

We stayed at The Mountain View Lodge and it was the most perfect place to stay while in town.  The couple that runs the place is really sweet as well.  You won't get a concierge or room service while there so make sure you are aware of that, pack snacks that don't require a refrigerator, or microwave if you have the urge for a last night snacks. 

We visited a few places while in the area the good thing is that pretty much everything is close to each other so 20 minutes here, 15 there, 5 minutes there.  So it was nice to see a few things while we were in town. 

Things to do in Wimberley

Purgatory Creek - the trails were beautiful and I definitely want to go back to journey and of course take pictures. 

Jacob's Well - my mom wanted so badly to go to Jacob's Well and was a little underwelmed but I thought it was pretty cool.  You have to make a reservation to go swimming and you do have to walk a trail to get there.  I highly recommend wearing tennis shoes and being very careful I slipped a couple of times and I was holding the baby, so mom was freaking out. 

The Wooden Spoon Ice Cream and Yogurt - This is a quaint little spot in town that had frozen yogurt and all of the fixings.  We came here after dinner and it was nice to stop and relax a bit.  It is like your typical Tutti Fruitti or Menchies but better because it isn't some franchise.  It is decorated like a cozy home with cute tables and nic nacs. 

The Leaning Pear - We had dinner here Saturday night and the view is beautiful. I will have to try this place again, I don't think the particular item I ordered of the menu was great the Blanco Pizza had too much sauce and arugala for my liking. I should've went with my gut and got the meatloaf, my mom ordered the chicken with grits and enjoyed it.