Collins at Home: Unique Bathroom Storage

hello loves!

Today on the blog we are still doing a styling tip, but we are doing a home styling tip this week. 

Last year we had Tree Climber Creations build a few custom pieces for The Collins' House and when they brought the last of the items, April was kind enough to gift us a Honeycomb Nesting Shelves.  The come in three different sizes: Large, Medium, Small.

My initial thought was to put all three shelves in our half bath, but then I wasn't really diggin' the placement that I kept coming up with so I decided to just put up the Large Honeycomb Nesting Shelf in the half bath and find other great spots for the rest. And that is exactly what I did.

In the large shelf I rolled up my hand towels for this bathroom and set them inside. 


The smaller nesting shelf fit perfectly in the corner of my bathtub, where I needed to place all of my essential bath items: bath bombs, candles, and essential oils.  In the future I think I am going to get a really nice glass jar for my Epson Salt so that it will be easily accessible during bath times and also place it in this area.  I love that my bath bomb fits perfectly into the smaller shelf so I can remember to use them during my next bath time.  

Bath Bomb - @whippedupwonderful
Candle - @circle21candles <------ this candle smells so damn good!