Our Little Bear | Jaxon's Newborn Portraits

I just can't. He is adorable.  I know, I know!  

In honor of Jaxon turning 2 months yesterday and being a super amazing baby for his shots, I figured I should share his newborn session on the blog today.  

First, I have to send a special thank you to Taryn Melgoza Photography for all of the portraits of Jaxon you see here, she is an amazing photographer and even more amazing person.  I was a nervous wreck going into to Jaxon's session as a photographer and a new mommy, I thought Jaxon was her worst client ever.  Even though I was reassured that this is a typical newborn photographers day, lol.  

He was apparently having a "growing" day the day of his session all he wanted to do was eat and poop.  And poop he did all over every beautiful item that Taryn put him on.  [Don't worry everything was washed immediately after our session]

Taryn seriously if you are reading this, thank you!  Thank you for making this new mommy not only feel comfortable that her baby was pooping all over your equipment but also because you took care of him like he was your own and these photographs are AMAZEBALLS.  

Hello There, Love. | Our Little Bear | Jaxon's Newborn Portraits

I mean look at our little bear, isn't he handsome.  I love him so much. 

Jaxon is doing so well. He is getting bigger day by day.  He is holding his head up when we do [very] short periods of tummy time, trying to crawl a little, he is attempting to hold his own bottle, and he is baby talking more and more.  I think we held a full conversation today or I hadn't had my coffee yet, one of the two. 

The time we spent waiting for our little bear was well spent because I can't describe him as anything less than perfect.  

Parenting isn't an easy task to take on, it is tough.  But, it is totally worth it.  E and I wouldn't change anything about our journey to Jaxon.  He is truly our biggest gift from God, and he will always be our little miracle baby.  The wait made us better parents, and much more thankful for Jaxon when he arrived.  

For those couples out there who are waiting for their little love, as much as I hate to say this because it annoyed the hell out of me before Jaxon, God will give you exactly what you need when you are ready for it.  Trust in that.