Is My Head Straight?

I promised better pictures so my hubby has been taking some of my photos lately and even though they aren't the most instagram worthy photos, they are my favorite.   I mean where can you get quality like this guys?

This is me asking him "Is my head is straight?" 🙄, and him snapping away.  Of course.


If you read my Girrl Scout post last week this is the shirt I picked up from that haul and I love it, definitely visit her site

I was so glad when my bestie text me that she was coming into town because the last time I saw her in person we were both exhausted with newborn babies.  I could barely move and they stayed across town but this weekend her family stayed with my family and it was nice to have a house full of people.  I almost always never get photos of us while she is here because we are always just doing and we always forget to get pictures of us.  : \ 

They arrived in town on Friday night and we were exhausted from work, so we ordered pizza, relaxed and just chatted for a while.  Saturday she had a baptism to attend which I tagged along to because isn't that what best friends are for, lol.  Then Sunday we headed to get crawfish at The Crawfish Shack in Crosby if you haven't tried it, it is a definite must.  


A couple of weekends ago, I went with my other friend to RA sushi and I was so in love with this Mango Margarita they served, so we attempted to recreate it at home.  I'd say it was a success but I could've used some more Tequila.  : D