Floral and Top Buns

I bought this jumpsuit a while back with no real place to wear it, don't tell my husband this but everywhere we go he is like "where did that come from?" and my response is always like "oh this old thing, it was in the closet." 

I think he is on to my secret, a girl can only had the bags from the stores for so long.  

Well I finally had the chance to wear this super cute jumpsuit I picked up from Old Navy [similar] and it was a hit.  It is literally the perfect outfit for momming, it has pockets, it is a one piece [who needs multiple pieces of clothing], and it is comfy and pretty.  

I paired it with an open toe sandal that I picked up from Forever 21 and a top knot and was out the door. I mean can an outfit get any easier than that?

I can totally see wearing this on my next vacation or anywhere that I don't want to pack a ton of clothes like a weekend trip, etc. 

What is your favorite ready to go outfit?

Jumpsuit Old Navy | Watch Apple | Bracelets & Bangles Metal Marvels | Sandals Forever 21

Floral and Top Buns | hello there, love.
Floral and Top Buns | hello there, love.
Floral and Top Buns | hello there, love.

Tomorrow I'll be posting about my lash extension experience and I just wanted to say that I love them because it definitely makes you feel like you need less make up. 

This night I just put some mascara on my lower lashes and some eye liner and highlighter and I was out the door.