Return to Work


Yesterday was my official first day back to work, boo. I mean YAY!, if anyone from work is reading this. LOL.

I have to admit I did a lot better than I thought I would.  The first few weeks after Jaxon arrived I had the hardest time with even the thought of leaving him.  I didn't even nap, seriously.  Okay maybe once but I didn't know what to do without him.  And I still don't : | 

I finally feel a lot better and with the help of a lot of people it is getting easier to leave Jaxon to return to work, to go to the grocery store, and maybe just, maybe a girls night.

With it being my first day back to work and a new schedule to get used to I had doubts that food was going to get to the table in enough time for us to actually sit down to eat and before 9:30P.  I figured it would come out of a paper bag and let's be real, I am talking about Whataburger for dinner.  

E and I absolutely hate fast food but on occasion it's what we have to eat, and more often now with J here.  But it won't become a habit Momma is ready to lose the last few pounds : ] 

Last week I did some much needed grocery shopping and I picked these beautiful pork chops up from Kroger, and was hoping to bake them with some vegetables but last night we didn't have time. So instead E seared them a little on the stove and threw them in the oven for a bit to seal in the tenderness.  I helped by making the sides and he made the chops unfortunately I didn't get his ingredients for the glaze but I will and repost later.  

I am just happy that after us both working and getting J picked up we were still able to get an amazing dinner on the table.  We are getting this parenting thing down one day at a time but we couldn't do it without all of the help we have received from our family.

It really does take a village.  I just want to THANK all of the people who have sent food, watched J, and have helped us along this journey.  

You guys are amazing and we are so lucky to have all of you in our lives.  : ] Love y'all.