Austin Baby, Yeah

Austin Baby, Yeah

Sorry, the title was a play on years of having to watch Austin Powers, lol. 

I recently visited Austin, TX with one of my girlfriends and we had a blast.  I don't think. I have ever walked away from a weekend with Teresa upset that I went on the trip. 

We have been to LA, Austin, Waco, Miami, Atlanta, and Las Vegas together.  We base our trips on food, and the hotel.  

I am going to recap our Austin trip today, and if you are planning a quick trip to Austin I have a few recommendations!

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3 Quick Ways to Use Your Leftover Chicken

hello loves!

I am back today with a simple way to utilize left over chicken, whether it be rotisserie chicken, grilled chicken breast, or baked chicken.  For us a family of three we sometimes will tend to have left overs just depending on how hungry E is that night.  I usually like to get the most out of our dinners, especially since eating out can get real pricey fast.

Besides utilizing them the next day for left overs of exactly what we cooked the night before sometimes I can stretch them for another dinner completely, that way we use all of our food, without having to throw out too much or do too much work every single night. 


3 Way to Use Your Leftover Chicken



1. Chicken Salad

Once you take your chicken out of the container start to shred it so that you get smaller pieces of chicken instead of legs, thighs, breast, etc.  Whatever cut you have make it smaller, by shredding it with your hands it gives you more chicken, plus it will give the chicken the ability to mix better with the mayo and other ingredients.  

Note: You can use a food processor instead of using your hands that is totally up to you just know that you will have finer pieces of chicken.

I typically will dice a tomato and red onion, but on occasion Eric will add in celery [not my thing] he will add it into his portion.  Then once everything is in the bowl, I add the mayo and mix it all together.  I sometimes get a little cajun seasoning and season it after the mayo has coating everything well, just for a little extra taste.  

If you make your own baked chicken and season it really well, then you can probably avoid this step.  Sometimes when I am in a rush I get the store bought chicken and they aren't really seasoned all the way through.

2. Chicken Pizza


Ugh I love me some pizza, like it is one of my favorite food but the regular pizza places just aren't doing it for me anymore and I am liking the gourmet pizza places more and more.  Especially the ones that use a brick oven, YUM!


I recently had some left over baked chicken and I decided make a homemade pizza.

To start shred the chicken by hand, throw on your favorite pizza ingredients or mine: white sauce, red onions, mushrooms, mozzarella, and parmesan.  I added all of that on top of a gourmet store bought pizza dough, sauce first then cheese, and finally the chicken.  

3. Chicken Tacos


If you have already shredded your chicken by hand for the chicken salad and the pizza you can always save some of it to make, tacos!  

All you will need is:

  • Tortillas or Crunchy Taco Shells
  • Sour Cream
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Beans [we eat black beans, yum]
  • Guacamole
  • Pico  

And there you have it 3 simple ways to utilize your left over chicken.  

I know our house can get busy around here, E will get off later than expect, J will not be in the mood to go down for his nap and we have to use what we got to get what we want, dinner!  I know there are a lot of busy moms out there so I hope this helped you loves!


If you love this post, please let me know so I can come up with some more great ideas for you guys.  

Toast2Texas: Kerrville, TX

I am finally diving into our trip to Kerrville, TX that I gave you guys a sneak peek on my insta-stories, if you don't follow me on Instagram then this is all new to you and you should definitely keep reading. 

A couple of months ago we had the most wonderful trip to Kerrville, Texas and it is exactly what this mom needed. We drank wine, ate well, and had so much fun with the locals!  

We stayed at The Garrett House which is hosted by Kim Richards, she fully remodeled this cozy two bedroom house and made it into this beautiful, comfortable, chic home away from home. You can find her on instagram here, and her AirBnb here

This trip was hosted and set up with Lauren from Toast from the Host, Stacy Anderson of The Hurried Hostess and in collaboration with Amanda Hewitt from A Positively Beautiful Life, and myself!

You can find all of their Instagrams below, and they are a definite must follow, tell them I sent you over.  




Above photos credit: Stacy Anderson Photography

The first day we had the cutest set up from Lauren of Toast from the Host, in collaboration with Master of Mixes and y'all there Peach Margarita Mix is soo damn good! I could've had the entire thing in one day.  The food was all prepped and set up by Lauren who is absolutely amazing at hosting and also the sweetest person ever.  If you are hosting, or need help with party ideas, tips and tricks, get in touch with Lauren.  

Our first morning Lauren had the most delicious-ness of a breakfast set up for us and before diving in we actually took some photos, because as they say if you didn't photograph it, it didn't happen. 🤔 .

It was waffles, sweet rice, fresh strawberries and mimosas, yes please!  

Before we left, we had the pleasure of stopping at Pax Coffee and Goods and it has been one of my favorite places to visit. Besides having some great coffee, the employees are kind, and the decor is just beautiful.  It is definitely a place to stop while in Kerrville, daily!Sponsors:

House: @thegarretthouse

Flowers: @viridiandesignstudio

Invites/labels/menu - @kandsdotco

Confetti Poppers - @dopeassconfetti

Margaritas - @masterofmixes

Home - @thegarretthouse

Bath bomb - @whippedupwonderful

Candles - @circle21candles

Necklace - @beadedbayjewelry

Mask - @thecomfyden

Grape Juice - portion of lunch

Rails, a Cafe at the Depot - dinner

Bikes - Hill Country Bicycle Works

Cookies - @sprinklepopdotshop , @trulymadplastics @tudorhousecookies 


Cream of Mushroom Chicken and Rice


This recipe is one of my all-time go to for a simple and easy dinner. It is filling and delicious. 


1lb of chicken breast

1 cup of rice

1 handful of asparagus

1 can of cream of mushroom/chicken

Shredded Parmesan

Juice from half a lemon

Salt & Pepper for taste

Garlic powder

2 tablespoons of Olive Oil


Depending on if you have a rice cooker or if you just cook yours on the stove top you'll want to put one cup of rice with two cups of water to boil or in your rice cooker per the instructions.

Then season your chicken breast to your liking, I usually use a Tone's seasoning in combination with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. 

Once the chicken is seasoned. In a large skillet heat up the olive oil on medium heat, once oil is hot put in the chicken cook until both sides are golden brown.  

Transfer the chicken to a plate, then put the cream of chicken/mushroom into the skillet. I typically leave all of the seasoning and oil from the chicken so that it seasons the cream of chicken/mushroom if you are doing this as well, make sure to pick up the low sodium version of the cream of mushroom/chicken.  

Mix the cream into the drippings of the chicken and keep warm you can start on your asparagus with a little salt and pepper then before serving you’ll want to squeeze the lemon juice and sprinkle the parm. 

You can transfer the chicken back into the cream of chicken/mushroom or you can just pour the mixture on top of your chicken totally up to you.  

Plate, Serve + Enjoy!  


Tip: You can also use cauliflower rice to make this gluten free!  



Lobster & Havarti Cheese Melts

Simple Dinner - Lobster & Havarti Cheese Melts

hello loves!

Can you guys believe that we are almost into the 3rd month of the year?  I can't believe.  

Next month: is our 7 wedding and I swear the moment you graduate high school time flies at the speed of light, I guess we both have kept our relationship a little hectic over the years so there's that too. It somehow still feels like we are in the dating stage and still haven't figured out this whole marriage thing. 

I'm definitely not cooking dinner for this occasion. 

Anyway, back to the recipe.

When it comes to cooking I look for simplicity, ease and taste.  I won't make this super long or eccentric because, why?

Sliced French Bread
2 Lobster Tails
2 1/2 tablespoons of Unsalted Butter
Havarti - all I had use whatever you like that melts well
1/2 tablespoon of Fresh Thyme
1 tablespoon of Minced Garlic
Garlic and Onion Spice Blend

Cook the lobster, and set aside to cool.

Then create a butter sauce from the minced garlic, fresh thyme, and unsalted butter. 

Side note: I have a garlic onion spice blend if you have something like that mix it into the butter sauce if you are going for a Cajun flare you can also add some seafood seasoning as well. 

Brush the butter sauce on the bread and toast in oven with the broil setting on low.  

While these toast cut up your lobster and mix in the shredded cheese or sliced cheese of your choice.  

Once the bread is slightly toasted on each side add the lobster and cheese mix on top and broil until cheese is melted. 

Be careful do not broil it for too long because it will over cook the lobster. 

Once the cheese is melted plate and serve. 

We served ours with Tomato Basil soup and it was yum!  


Lemon & Garlic Butter Salmon with Garlic Mushroom Quinoa

Lemon + Garlic Butter Salmon with Garlic Mushroom Quinoa

Hello Loves!

I am so excited for this post, it is a really simple dinner recipe and it is the perfect meal for a stay-at-home Valentine's Dinner.

Before J we stayed home because crowds at restaurants suck, and after J we will definitely stay home because it is just easier.  I love cooking at home anyways, you don't have to worry about rushed, or bad service and you can stay in your PJ's if needed.  

We had enough left overs for me to freeze it for meal prep for two days.  I love when we have left overs because I am doing my best to not eat out as much as possible, especially since J is now eating what and when I am eating.  We all get to eat healthier now. 

The recipe for the Mushroom Quinoa was from Damn Delicious and you can find it here

NOTE: I did use Bella Mushrooms instead and less than what the recipe called for 1lb of mushrooms and I only used half.


Lemon & Garlic Butter Salmon

2lbs of Salmon
Juice from half of a Lemon [use the other half to top with slices]
salt & pepper to taste
dried parley
1/2 tablespoon of Garlic Powder

Lemon Butter
2 tablespoons of unsalted butter
1 teaspoon Terragon
2 Garlic Cloves Minced
2 pinches of sugar
1 -2 pinches of salt
1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Cook the Salmon in a non-stick pan [I put parchment paper on the top just for less of a clean up], at 350 degrees for 25-30 mins. 

When the Salmon has about 10 minutes left you'll want to get your butter sauce ready, melt your butter, then add in all the ingredients.  Stir them all together, taste before putting on top of your Salmon to make sure the salt/sugar ratio is to your liking.  Once you have made sure that is yummy, plate your dinner then top it all with the butter sauce.

And now you are ready to dig in. 


Grilled Chicken + Lemon Parmesan Brussel Sprouts


Man you guys, I can't believe I am about to type this but it is so nice to be back in the kitchen.  And while I totally love cooking because I am progressively getting better and better at it.  I hate doing the dishes.  But with J feeling under the weather since, I guess the end of December we have been indoors for quite some time.  So it was really nice to feel back to my normal self again, even if unfortunately it was indoors.  

This was my first time making brussel sprouts and I have to be honest I had a total fail on the baking dish and ended up scraping most of it off the baking pan because I forgot to spray it with non-stick spray.  

Any of y'all think brussel sprouts get a lot of unnecessary hate? Seriously, I mean of course they aren't like eating a piece of chocolate bar [which I am not a huge fan of anyway] but they are a vegetable and are healthy for you for the most part so I can understand why people aren't jumping for joy at the sound of them but I thought they were just utterly disgusting because of what some people were saying. 

Anyway when it comes to cooking a lot of the time I try to use ingredients that I have in the house because I don't have a ton of time to constantly keep running in and out of the store to make these crazy recipes I find on Pinterest, so I do have a habit of looking at a recipe getting an idea to start from.  Cafe Delites has a pretty yummy looking recipe I'll have to try if I ever h

Brussel Sprouts
Lemon juice from one half a lemon
1 lb of brussel sprouts
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1/4 cup of grated/shredded Parmesan cheese
salt & pepper to taste
Red pepper flakes to taste
1/4 cup of cooked bacon

1 lb of Chicken Breast
2 tablespoons of Tone's Tuscan Chicken
1 tablespoon of garlic powder
Salt & Pepper to taste


Dinner at Los Cucos + Giveaway

*this post is sponsored by Los Cucos but all opinions are my own. 

Good morning loves!

I wanted to share with y'all a recent opportunity I had to visit a local Los Cucos and all the yummy treats I was able to try. 

Los Cucos isn't anything new to me, we actually live pretty close to one and we frequently get their fajitas for two but to go, so having the chance to go into the restaurant and try new things on the menu and have a couple of drink was such a treat and great experience.  

I ordered the Fajitas a la Poblanas and Oh em gee they are so good, they have such flavor and now I'm making myself hungry. If you don't like mushrooms definitely ask for it without them because I wouldn't use it as an excuse not to get them because you'll definitely be missing out. 

Los Cucos was nice enough to give me a gift card to giveaway to some of my friends 🙂 . So if you don't already go on my Instagram and click the follow button and enter the giveaway.  


Easy Turkey Breakfast Bowl


Good morning my loves!

I am so excited to get back to blogging and reaching out to the people I love. Honestly as much as compliments are few on here from my readers and family I love hearing them but I also love your feed back whether it is good or bad.

So if you want me to keep my food recipes or post I can't really say recipes then let me know, if you want them gone let me know!

Today's food post is all about breakfast, the most important meal of the day and most of the time like all mom's my breakfast is coffee in a tumbler, or sippy cup of I'm being real. But on the weekends when E is actually home we make breakfast.

This recipe is simple cut up all of your veggies, I did yellow bell pepper, onions, and garlic but you can add red bell peppers, green, and orange to add color totally up to you.

Cut all of those up and set them aside, because you'll want to cook your ground turkey, or beef if you prefer. We are trying to eat leaner so turkey is best.

Once your meat is cooked add in your vegetables and let those get tender, once those are tender make a hole in the middle of it all to add your eggs. This allows your eggs to cook in the middle without mixing it into your meat which will make it harder for the eggs to cook evenly.

Once your eggs cook somewhat then you can fold in your meat and veggies, I made the mistake of adding my eggs and mixing everything into them and it took much longer to cook the eggs. E loves soft scramble eggs so those weren't achieveable when you mix everything together initially.

I buttered some french bread slices and then toasted them in a nonstick skillet and added them to the bowl. Topped with spicy sauce of your liking and enjoy.

Pork Chops and Mash Potatoes

For dinner last night, I made these glorious Pork Chops. They were delicious and cooked to perfection.  

I forgot once again to take something out for dinner and needed to come up with something quick, a couple of posts back you read that I was opting out of eating as much beef as possible.  I have been making Mediterranean Turkey Meatballs, Turkey Burgers, and Turkey Breakfast Bowls, so I decided it was time to add a little Pork into the mix.  Normally we don't do pork much either but we haven't had it in a while so I figured tonight was a good night to do so.

I picked up these gorgeous chops at our local Kroger, I was going to make some potatoes on the side with some canned green beans because well #momlife. 

Before I did any seasoning of these chops, I coated them with EVOO, so that when I did season them none of the herbs would burn in the pot.

I seasoned the Pork Chops with Himalayan Pink Salt, black pepper, thyme, Italian seasoning and Tone's Garlic and Herb seasoning as well.  The Garlic in the Tone's does burn as any garlic would if you don't have enough EVOO, so I added some extra into the pot and let it heat up before placing my meat into it. 

Like the steaks I made last week you can totally put them in the refrigerator or you can cook them right away just depending on how much time you have on your hands.  I didn't have much time because I have been trying to get organized with this blogging of mine.  

Into the pot they went for about 8-10 minutes on each side [depends on the thickness of the cut] then another 15 in the oven at 425 degrees, my issue is undercooking chicken and pork so I always cut them to make sure they are cooked before serving.  I do have a meat thermometer, however, I don't have batteries for it yet.

I personally think they turned out well seasoned and cooked perfectly, but I can be biased because after all, I did cook them.  

I have been debating on removing the food posts on my blog but I do love cooking now and I guess it is a big part of my life since I try as much as possible to cook for my family. Next thing I need to learn according to E is cooking Caribbean Style food, but it is definitely time 🤣. 


Steaks + Potatoes

Meal Prepped Steak Dinner | hello there, love.
Easy Date Night Steak Dinner  | hello there, love.
Mini Potato Bites  | hello there, love.
Dinner Date Night | hello there, love.

Last week I was at our local grocery store and I found these beautiful boneless ribeyes, I was raised on bone-in ribeye so buying boneless was completely out of the ordinary for me. 

I decided to season these and let them sit for a couple of hours before cooking them, and here is what I did.

I coated both steaks with Extra Virgin Olive Oil [EVOO], then I seasoned them with Himalayan Pink Salt and Pepper to taste, Rosemary and Garlic Tone's seasoning put it in a ziplock bag and into the refrigerator.  Once it was dinner time, I took the ziplock bag out of the refrigerator and let it sit while I started to get the sides ready. 

I complimented the steaks with steamed broccoli and potatoes.  The potatoes I used where the little golden potatoes and they are super simple to make, I would totally recommend making them if you are having a finger food party as well.  I seasoned them with a garlic and herb seasoning and tossed them in EVOO and into the oven at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes or until soft enough for a fork to go through it. 

The time you put your steak on the grill will depend on how you like your steaks cooked, I remember watching Bobby Flay and him saying to do at least 8 minutes on each side.  I do suggest for a tender steak doing this and then putting them into the already hot oven for a few minutes or until you are ready to serve. 

The drink was made by Eric so I have no clue what was in it, but it was delicious and I had two. LOL. 

I hope you guys are having a lovely week, life has been pretty unbalanced lately so I do apologize for the inconsistence of the blog.