Odds and Ends: Life Update August 2019

Hey guys, I'm back!

When I started this entire blogging thing it really was just for the fun of it all. If people were making money off of it, it wasn’t like it was now. I am ready to get back to why I originally started blogging, for me.

Jaxon's allergies have been bothering him for a couple of days so he is actually taking a decent nap, which has given me time to actually get things done.

hello vashti | Odds and Ends: Life Update 2019 - Selfie of Jaxon and I

I've done a quick work out, planned a little bit, and then now I'm actually getting to write!

I did have to intentionally try to not clean the kitchen, or fold all of the laundry that is currently sitting on our bed but it is all a little give and take.

Being immensely intentional with your time seems to be key in being productive, you can spend so many hours a day doing work that gets you absolutely no where or you can intentionally focus on certain tasks and seemingly as I have learned accomplish much more.

Jax is now awake. He woke up and has now fell back asleep on my lap while I type this. And this my friends is the epitome of mom life.

Life Lately


I always feel like a much needed break is necessary for me even though I never intentionally do them, but I always feel so much better after having had them. I haven’t even posted to my main feed on IG in a few days and I can’t say that I miss that much either.


I really just want to get back to doing all of this for the fun of it all. I have so much going on at different times and I feel like just letting life be what it is currently is what is best for me.

I can’t do the hustle, or the staying up super late while my family sleeps. I have been trying to wake up earlier and get some time to myself before J gets up.


Lately I have been S L O W L Y transitioning our house to a clean-living-less waste way of living and yall I mean slowly.

I am also loving how oils are helping diy a bunch of things that I would constantly buy over and over. I recently made this hand soap for the bathroom and everyone from E to my MIL have asked me where I got it.

I feel like the less things we constantly keep in our house the less clutter it has. I think I am going to create a plan to go through one room each week and finally get our house in some kind of order.

I really want everything to have a place to go back to so it can be easier for our family [not just myself] when tidying up, it absolutely needs to be an entire household effort and lately it has been a ME only effort.

I have also been on the hunt to finally get our patios put together.

We have three [yes! three patios] and all of them need some TLC. I hope to maybe document what I do and share it here with you guys. I have a couple of ideas I am hoping to accomplish and I am praying that they look half way decent, when I am finally done with it all.


I have been transitioning into a digital planning system on my iPad versus lugging around a million different planners or buying new ones. I do have to keep myself from buying notepads and pens.


I will always do damage in the office supply section.

I have also been trying to create a better schedule for myself and Jaxon. I feel like a lot of my day is constantly cleaning or washing and I would prefer to spend more time with him.

We recently had a fun day at the zoo with my mom and I realize that we are missing out on so much staying home every day.

In my defense J often says “Mom, can we go home?” and most of the time I can’t agree more, especially with the heat that Texas has been enduring the past couple of months.

hello vashti | Zoo Day - Mom and Jax

DIY Bug Spray

I wish I would’ve thought to make this spray months ago but we have the recipe now and that is all that matters.

Texas weather has been really hot so the only time to get outdoors which J loves is to wait until the evening hours and then you are out there with all of the mosquitos as well.

J is like myself and has some type of reaction to mosquito bites and as any other child will scratch them until they bleed.

So in order to prevent this, I found this lovely recipe for a bug spray that can help with mosquitos.

A couple reasons I love this recipe:
I can tell you all the ingredients
It is safe for babies and kids [just leave out peppermint]
It smells amazing
It doesn’t feel all gross.

DIY Bug Spray

10 drops Lavender
10 drops Lemongrass
10 drops Purification
10 drops Citronella
10 drops Peppermint [if making for children do not use.]

Put all of the drops in a 4 oz bottle like this.
Fill a 1/3 of the bottle with witch hazel, I use Thayers.
Then top the rest of the bottle with distilled water.

If you’d like to sign up for essential oils with Young Living you can do so here, please be sure that #12121227 is in the enroller and sponsor fields.

Once you are signed up shoot me a DM on IG or email me at vashti@hellovashti and I will send over some amazing information.

10 Reason to Use a Menstrual Cup

I just realized I had started working on this post last year when I had originally started wearing my cup for the first time.

We all know the struggle of being a woman on her cycle, it can be rough. You have to change a lot of what you do with your life for an entire week [can be less if your lucky, I’m not].

Because we have the luxury of bleeding on a monthly basis, cramping, hormones, and a slew of other things that go into being a women.

If you have pre-planned life events like vacations, photo shoots, life in general, etc. It can ruin the vibe when you have to deal with finding a restroom every few hours.

The first couple of days of my cycle even leaving my house can be a headache, but since I have been using my menstrual cup and essential oils I feel like I don’t have to be so closed off during “that time of the month”.

So today, I wanted to give you guys an insight on why I love mine so much enough to talk about it on social media!

10 Reasons I love my Menstrual Cup

  1. Pack one item : If you are traveling or going on a road trip there is no need to pack a million pads, tampons, panty-liners for your trip. You just wear or pack your menstrual cup and you are good to go. [I will note that I do pack panty-liners just in case]

  2. 10 - 12 hours of wear time: that means no having to run to the restroom to change a tampon, or pad every couple of hours.

  3. TSS : No need to worry about the dreadful TSS, cups are made out of silicone!

  4. Cost Effective : You can purchase one [or two, one for back-up] you don’t have to continuously buy a new cup every single period, if you maintain it and take care of it you can keep one of these for up to 10 years!

  5. Comfort: In my opinion, once you are able to place your cup according to your body the comfort of wearing a cup is amazing. I even forget that I have a cycle entirely because there are pretty much no inconveniences to it. I don’t have to make sure and change it, there is no chaffing, or irritation in my lady bits.

  6. Change 1-2 times a day : Depending on how heavy your flow is you can change your cup once or twice a day and be good. At times my cycle can be pretty heavy and on occasion I have wore tampons because I had to be at an event and I typically only change mine in the shower, if I can help it.

  7. Less cramping : I have noticed significantly less cramping and pain surrounding my cycle when I use a cup which I love. I recently did have a heavier cycle on day one and had to use tampons for a day while photography a wedding and the pain wasn’t fun at all.

  8. Wear while sleeping : At night I always slept with a pad when wearing tampons because I scared myself into believing it would get lost up there when I would be sleeping. With a cup sleeping is much more comfortable, less worry and less painful at night. I will say day one or so can be a little difficult depending on how heavy your cycle is.

  9. Swimming + Working Out : I don’t know about you but when I have my cycle I typically avoid the pool or beach at all cost, which can interrupt an already scheduled beach vacation. With a Menstrual cup all of that goes out the window and I feel much more confident going swimming without having to worry about a string or leakage. I have worn a cup while working out as well and I really felt so much more confident doing squats without feeling like I was going to push a tampon out or leak everywhere.

  10. Less worrying : I have anxiety in almost every single situation and I over-think ever part of it all. So having to go somewhere outside of my house when I am heavier than usual typically put me on a higher anxiety level. But I just overall feel much more comfortable wearing my cup and thoughts over leakage, just kind of go out the window.

I will say that a cup or disc isn’t for everyone and the shapes of our cervix’s aren’t all made equal so I would say give it a good try and if you don’t like them then they just aren’t for you.

But if you love them as much as I do. I would love to hear about it. I feel like it is just a huge weight lifted off of our already super stacked shoulders.

My current go-to cup for my cycle is the diva cup, I have however tried the Saalt Cup, and the new Flex cup.

If you’d like my opinion on any of them let me know.

Here is a post I read from another blogger on Menstrual Cup’s.

How to Create a Weekly Plan for a Stay at Home Mama

The first year of becoming a stay at home mom, my life just seemed like a really long never ending day, that kept repeating itself.

It was seriously all a blur.

When I had a full time job I was really great at scheduling my work out and remembering what needed to get done and how long I’d have to do it or if I needed to pick up the pace.

So when it came to doing the same thing at home I dropped the ball and I found my life feeling chaotic and out of sorts on a daily. It would really make me feel like I had no control over anything.

Until I recently listened to the Jenna Kutcher Podcast: EP: 207, where she talks all things batch work and how it can essentially help free up more time in your schedule.

Instead of half-done, or 99% done, it sets the stage for focused work that is wildly efficient.

As a stay-at-home mama I feel like batch work could really help me organize my day so things are much less frantic and up in the air.

I know life with a toddler can be a bit whatever way the wind blows type of lifestyle but for J and myself structure and routine have been a much better way of life.

I have always been a planner but never great follow through. I would get my months set up in advance, and then something would happen or I would get discouraged and out the window it went.

Last year as I was browsing the shelves for all things planning and I came across the simplest weekly planner and started writing things a week at a time.

I created something similar, you can click here to download.

First, I’d plan our dinners then I would start penciling in activities like go to the zoo, take a walk to the park, meet my mom for breakfast, and etc.

Just having a week of planned of dinners felt like the largest weight lifting off my shoulders.

HelloFresh has also been a great way for me to take the burden of figuring dinners, pinning recipes and getting all of the necessary ingredients with a toddler at the grocery store off of my plate. If I know we have a busy week coming up I’ll schedule a delivery of HelloFresh.

Here is a link for $40 off your first box


Sometimes dinner didn’t go as planned and we ate out or we didn’t make it to the park because it rained too much, but it was nice to wake up with a feeling that we had a place to be and a day ahead of us to conquer.

I even put something as simple as make coffee just so that was something I remembered to do for myself.

I want to start implementing certain tasks designated on certain days of the week, like this chore chart I was playing around with.

As a #sahm it is really difficult to lose your identity and what value you hold in the house when you seem like you never change out of your PJs and never talk to anyone remotely close to your age.

Batch work is essentially focusing on one task at hand for a shorter period of time rather than fitting in smaller increments of the same task over a longer period of time, essentially working hard not smarter and longer.

Today I came home, set a timer for 30 minutes and I tidied up our kitchen, turned on our robot vacuum and then proceeded to get J down for this nap.

Normally I would space things out all to be done in one day like wash the dishes, catch up on laundry, make the bed, schedule bills, etc.

But I found myself either missing a task that was very important or I’d get overwhelmed with everything on my plate in one single day and end up not accomplishing much of anything at all.

I once found myself asking in a mom group, how do I avoid not having to clean every single day. And the response was “you will always have to clean something, every day.”

It is better to clean one thing a day than clean a bunch of things one day and be burnt out or only a clean house on one day.

If I were to break down my daily cleaning tasks I’d have less to clean in a shorter period of time.

So a typical schedule may be this:

  • M: clean all the bathrooms, take out trash

  • T: tidy upstairs, fold blankets, and clean up Jaxon’s room

  • W: Wash and Fold Laundry

  • Th: clean refrigerator, take out trash

  • F: Mop the Floors & Vacuum, tidy up our master bedroom

  • S: Clean the stove, microwave and kitchen cabinets

  • Su: Figure out groceries for week ahead, and plan activities.

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Do you think batch work is a tool you can utilize to focus and execute tasks better?

New Year, New Me?

Probably not.

If I am being utterly and completely honest, this year was like fitting 5 years of growth into one year and it was fucking brutal.

I feel like this was one of those year's that prepares you for the best years of your life. You appreciate things more after struggle, and loss. You bend when you should've broke and you get back up.

Something great is coming, I can feel it. I don’t know what it is but it is going to be good.

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Stop being comfortable.

Stop being comfortable.

I have been doing a lot of work on “me” this year because an incredibly shitty situation left me feeling sorry for myself and I needed to get out of feeling this way. I have never wanted to be one of those people who felt sorry for themselves, I have always wanted to be a strong independent woman because I was raised that way.

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