Mermaid Summer Make-up

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This is so far out of my comfort zone I am still considering not posting this. 

If you follow me you know that I am not great with make-up I mean I can't even do a good smokey eye. But I enjoy the palettes that I have been purchasing and the alone time in my beauty room. 

Needless to say, when J went down for his nap today I was trying to go for a pineapple look. I had these earrings that were coming in and with summer right around the corner I knew it would be absolutely perfect.  

Well somewhere things went slightly left and right and I ended up with this gorgeousness. I threw on a kimono I had hanging in my extra closet and called it a day.  

It reminded me of a mermaid so that is what I am running with. 

I have a few make up looks coming to you loves in the next couple of weeks and I am so excited. 

I have finally been able to get my thoughts and life in order, since I started using oils and if you haven't read that post you can here.  

I would absolutely love to know your thoughts on this look! 


I just wanted to leave.

Many years back when we were trying to have a little one of our own I was taking mediciations, and while on the medicine I would get these very irrational hormonal spurts of emotion. 

They would make me cry and feel completely and utterly lost in my own emotions, it was just something where I felt like internally I couldn't figure out what I was doing with my life in that moment. It felt like a freight train was coming straight at me and I didn't know how to get off the track or if I even wanted to. 

I would get upset with E and I would just cry. Which if you know me personally I do get mad at E [lol] but crying isn't something that I do too often just out of the blue for no reason.

Once I was done with them my levels returned to normal and I felt great again. It was the oddest thing to me and E would seriously look at me like, what is wrong with you?  

Then recently after having J, I asked a friend about these "oils" she was always talking about. She had talked about them constantly on her social media and honestly I kind of thought of her as one of those crazy cat lady types, but she doesn't own cats.  

So in hopes of not coming off like one of those crazy cat lady kind of people I have kind of held back on talking about oils.

Sometimes, I feel like when people start talking about something on social it can seem like it's all about a sale.

And that's not it. 

It's about educating people on what you can use to help your body, mind, and maybe your soul too.

I recently tried this new oil in hope to potentially get my body ready for maybe baby #2 if that was something in our future. It took so long and so many years with J that while I am in no rush it would be great to be in a good place health wise for an "if it were to happen" kind of moment. 

For a while now my mental state hasn't been that great, it felt that their was potential for me to say that I was possibly bi-polar and maybe I should definitely try to find a therapist.

I am not a take medication type of person unless it is for extreme pain like my c-section so even when I had headache I would prefer to nap instead of pop a few Tylenol or Advil.  

I never thought for a moment that my mental state could be due to having J or a hormone imbalances I just thought life was throwing some hard stones and I would eventually bounce back.  

But once I saw the difference in my mentality after using a couple of drops of Progessence Plus I felt like a huge weight lifted off of me.

I wish I had started using it sooner. I immediately messaged my upline aka the girl who told me to try oils, and asked her is it possible? 

Is it possible for my cycle to start, is it possible for me to not feel or look bloated, is it possible for me to immediately feel like a better person? A better mom? 

And her response was it is totally possible. 😮 

Everyday with J was a struggle E would call and immediately I would be frustrated. I envied him, his alone time working two jobs, being able to sit alone in a car with no one to worry about, being able to use the bathroom without someone standing their like "mom?".

We fought a lot because I never felt like "l" mattered anymore. I never felt like I was me, anymore

J would do normal baby things, fuss, cry, throw a tantrum and I would just want to cry and sometimes I did. Not because he was doing things every mom wishes their child wouldn't do but because I couldn't handle it.  I would feel enraged inside and I would just want to close my eyes and scream. I tried my best to fight back all of it. But sometimes I would yell and be like "what?!?" and after I would immediately feel horrible. I felt like Dr. Jykell and Mr. Hyde 

After all these years of trying I felt like maybe it was just because I want supposed to have kids, I felt like a bad mom.  

Hormonally I was out of whack and I tried to hide it as best as possible but my marriage was suffering and I could totally see my self losing interest in a lot of things. 

If you have #PCOS you may know what I am talking about, if not think of it as a crazy psychotic bout of PMS. I literally had times where I wanted to just drop everything and leave.

I'd imagine myself on a solo road trip to absolutely no where. I remember messaging my best friend and being like I just want to get in a car and drive and never come back. 

It was hard, because I love J and I love E but it was really making me doubt myself as a women. As a married women who loves her child and her husband. 

So to feel the way I feel now and not share it with others who may be feeling the same exact way would be wrong on so many levels. I know I may not reach a ton of people with my writing but I do know there are a few of you out there that do read this and it may help you somehow.

And regardless of if you go get oils, or medication just make sure you are doing something about it for you.

Because you don't deserve to feel this way, no one does. 

It's hard for strong women to admit that they aren't strong, to cry, to feel hopeless and outside of control of their emotions. I feel like I am a pretty strong women. I have made mistakes in my life, I have had bad things happen to me, and I have found myself on the other side of them all happier and healthier. 

And I feel like maybe this is just another stepping stone in my life in order to share this with the people I know, the friends and family I love.  

I am not asking you to buy into any scheme or fill my pockets with money. I am asking you to take care of yourself.  

Oils are just the way that I do that. 

With love, 



How to apply

1-2 drops on forearm twice a day, neat.  

It has helped me with:


Back pain



Current Skin Care Routine

Hi there loves! 

Times are changing for your girl, I wasn't too impressed with my skin care routine and was in need of some desperate moisture.  I found myself at Ulta grabbing all of the things. 

Keep reading if you want to hear more about my current skin care routine and what I did to take my skin from drab to fab! 

I am going to go over all of the amazing things I have been doing to keep my skin healthy this year.  But first if you haven't read what I eat to keep my skin looking great read this post from last week! 

My normal skin care routine was using Dove Body was on my face to remove my make up and then using regular lotion on my face too.  I know, I know!  I didn't think anything of it until I started wearing make up and my face would feel so dry and blah underneath it all.

While I love makeup and creating looks for the blog, I want to make sure that I am starting with great skin before I apply anything on my face.  I also would love to prevent wrinkles and all that jazz. 


When I walked into Ulta the girl was restocking this brand and told me it was pretty great, I know how sometimes they are there to promote a specific product during a certain time. 

But when I noticed the pricing, she told me that Mario Badescu didn't use fancy packaging so that he could keep cost down so great skin care products could get in the hands of women & men everywhere. Without outrageously breaking the bank, so of course naturally I bought it all.  


The glycolic foaming cleanser is used just 2-3 times a week to help with a subtle clean. 

The cleansing milk is by far my favorite because it feels like you are applying lotion then washing it away but still keeping all of the moisture.  

The facial spray is great for setting makeup and using during those hot days when you need a little less sweat on your face and a little more Rose water.  


The glycolic eye cream & skin complex has been so so good for my skin. It feels so refreshed and soft after just a couple of days. Jaxon would even rub my face at times because it was so soft. 


The Neutrogena Triple age repair, I picked up to try while I was shopping at Wal-Mart & overall it is a great product, I love that it has SPF 25 in it so I'm also getting sun protection as well. 


The hyaluronic eye cream is absolutely amazing at night, I typical don't ever feel

The Rodan & Fields - bright eye complex has been assisting with moisture and those naturally inherited dark circles, now this isn't an overnight success product but I have been loving the changes I have noticed.  


This is my go-to mask when I just want a skin refresher, I don't do it everyday even though this is a product you totally can use daily. I use it maybe once or twice every two weeks. 

And that sums it up for my current skin care routine.

Be sure you are avoiding things that make you break out as much as humanly possible, and making sure you are getting more nutrients that benefit your skin. 

If there are any products you are loving I'd love to know more, catch up with me on social or email me I'd love to hear from you! 




Eating better for healthier skin

Most of my life I have received the compliment of  "your skin is gorgeous" when I post non-makeup photos and I never really thought anything of it until I started to do some research. 

I have really dark circles and while I know they kind of come with the culture I really wanted badly for them to go away but lack of sleep kind of keeps them around, so while this isn't my research on how to lighten up dark circles [besides get more sleep] this is what is best to eat for healthier skin.


1. Water
As much as I hate to say this, my skin always looks better when I have a higher water in take than my normal none.  Sometimes that isn't always as easy, I don't just drink a lot of fluids a day so it ends up being something I have to make myself do it but keeping a tumbler of water close makes it easier to do. 
I picked up this tumbler a while back on amazon and love it, especially because it comes with metal straws and it keeps my water cold for hours! I also noticed that having a straw makes me drink more water, I typically will fill it up before bed time too.  


2. Avocados
Do I really need to convince you to eat avocados? I love these things and most of the dinners I post on social have a huge helping of avocados on the plate.  I love them. But according to the research that I have done avocados are high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids which means goodness for top layer of your skin.   They both help to keep your skin maintain moisture, health, fight inflammation and skin sensitivity.

3. Green Tea
Y'all I was a tea drinker way before I was a coffee drinker, but since both are pretty good for skin care  I am often a coffee drink, who is a lover of green tea and sweet tea of course. Green Tea is also a fighter of inflammation and it also helps in gearing the skin up to protect against harmful UV rays. 

4. Nuts & Almonds
In trying to eat better we snack more often than usual.  I found these great Sargento packs with cheese, nuts and dried fruit that are good on the go but when I can I try to buy walnuts, almonds and cashews. 

Walnuts are also a great helper for skin sensitivity and inflammation which since summer is coming up and we spend a lot of time outside. Eating more walnuts will be a great additive to your salad, snacking, etc. 


5. Spinach 
Spinach is one of those foods that clean you from the inside out and it helps all of the toxins that you have inside of your body, leave your body. It is also a great source of Vitamin A, C & E.


6. Sardines
Growing up from in a Trinidadian family, Sardines were a huge part of "snacking" growing up. We typically get them in Olive Oil which is another great aspect of food that is healthy for your skin, inner and outer. 

But, they help dry skin.  The oils found in Sardines can help moisturize due to the natural oils found in them.

Growing up from in a Trinidadian family, Sardines were a huge part of "snacking" growing up. We typically get them in Olive Oil which is another great aspect of food that is healthy for your skin, inner and outer. 

But, they help dry skin.  The oils found in Sardines can help moisturize due to the natural oils found in them.


8. Bell Peppers & Veggies in general

Red bell pepper are beneficial for more than just your skin because they contain cancer fighting carotenoids: lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin. They also contain twice as much Vitamin C which helps form collagen and that is require to help your skin remain healthy. 

Yellow, Green, and Orange bell peppers are also highly beneficial for your entire health overall.  

Olive & Auburn : St Patrick's Day Inspired Look

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Hello loves! 

Last week I did this St. Patrick Day inspired make up look and I absolutely loved it! 

I have always been a huge fan of green but always struggled with wearing it. I mean I have an olive undertone and I'm sure it compliments my skin really well but finding great greens to wear can be difficult. 

I solely used my Japonesque palette for this eye look and I'm in love.  

I honestly feel like this palette is very versatile for the upcoming months and it's pretty perfect for all of the spring/summer colors that I'll be gravitating towards. 

Let me know how or if you like or love it. 🙂 


Multi Colored Tassel Earrings

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Hello loves! 

I am so excited to bring this look to the blog today, I received these earrings in my swag bag from our #toast2texas girls getaway and couldn't wait to do a makeup tutorial to go with them.  You can say I was inspired!  : D

I just love all of the colors and even though they are really large, they aren't that heavy.  They are perfect for girls night out,, date night, or even just the random run to the grocery store when you want to feel a little #extra as my girl Lauren from Toast from the Host likes to say. 

Product Details:
Japonesque Velvet Touch Metals Eye Shadow Palette
Urban Decay X Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Palette
Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara in Black
Mac Blush Fleur Power
Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Romantic
Becca Cosmetics - Champagne Pop


Our Sweet Little Valentine

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You guys I am so excited to share this post with y'all today!
I finally got myself a remote trigger and have been able to take my own photos.  E is always so busy and I would get so mad that I don't have one of those IG husbands that every one talks about. 

I knew I had to do something because I was ready to take my blog photography to the next level and I kept promising my loyal readers that I would.  So it was definitely time to actually work on it. 

J and I had so much fun - OKAY, I am lying here.

He had fun picking up rocks and running from mom while I tried desperately to get good photos of him.  I just had fun editing these.  

I lucked out by having a big girl camera because of wedding and portrait photography so I have to use it to my advantage.

This is a really old dress that has been hanging in my closet for years, my weight was the worst before J and I wasn't ever able to drop the weight Ill chalk it up to happiness. But this beauty was just hanging in my closet and I am so glad to finally wear it.  

I love to pair things with a simple pump, these are Steve Madden Daisie Classic Pumps and they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. 

I didn't add any accessories because if you know anything about having a little one less is more.  Your earrings will have to come out, and your necklace will have to come off.

If you do want to pair this with a cute earring I suggest these from Shop Morning Lavender 
If you want a simple make up look like mine, then check out my 7 Product Make Up Look.  It is my normal every day make up with a red lip. 

Our Sweet Little Valentine

7 Product Valentine's Make Up Look

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Hello there, loves!


I know how hectic getting ready everything can be with Valentine's Day, planning is normally on the Mom, girlfriend, and wife end of the spectrum.  If we celebrate it, it is because I had something in mind and E just has to go along for the ride.

This year, with J we will definitely be eating at home but I also wanted to make sure that I dressed J up and got some cute shots of him in his outfit.  He has a lot of ladies in his life and I love sending them his little pictures and getting their responses that are like, awwww!!! 

Well last week I was able to finally get him dressed and capture a couple of photos of the both of us.  I was running around like a mad women but I made it happen and I am so glad.  

I have the bad habit of not doing something because I think of all the work required to do it and then get tired before I even do any of it. 


I know it is hard for us mom's to always have a full face of makeup let alone any make up at all, and blending, highlighting and contouring can make trying to get ready feel like a daunting non-doable task that no one wants to do, especially me. 


7 Product Valentine's Make Up Look.

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Pioneer

Maybelline Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara Black

Becca Cosmetics - Champagne Pop

Mac Blush Dusty Rose

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye

Mac Lip Pencil Ruby Woo

Since a bold red lip can go a really, really long way you don't always have to go do all that extra stuff, unless of course you have the time or a make-up artist on hand.  I didn't and I don't. 

You always wants to moisturize, I also at times will use Maybelline's pore eraser, then apply foundation, concealer, brow product if needed and some mascara. 

hello there, love. blog: 7 Product Make Up Look

3 Easy Go-To Hair Styles for Short Hair

Happy Thursday y'all!

I have an upcoming girls trip and knew that packing all of my hair essentials wasn't going to be essential or worth the extra weight. 

Today I am sharing 3 easy short hair style options for every day, or for your next short trip. 

Since I last cut my hair, I decided to let it grow out and I am currently loving the length of my hair. I may let it grow all the way back to my waist but I guess I should at least see if I can let it get past my shoulders, lol. 

With my hair getting longer, it takes longer to curl so I know I needed to start utilizing my hairstyles while my hair was straight. My current straightening time probably takes about 10-15 minutes depending on interruptions from J. 

These options are great for those getaway weekends where you don't have space to pack shampoo, conditioner, brush, hair tools, etc., but can totally throw a good travel size dry shampoo in the bag and not lose too much space.  I also recommend getting a flat iron that you can also use to curl your hair with, it is a total space saver when packing for a short trip. 

3 Hair Styles for Short Hair


1. Sleek Straight Hair [Day 1 - 2]

If you are going on a 3-4 day trip your best option is starting with the straight hair look.

My hair is semi-thick so in order to get the straight look that I like I still have to section my hair and then flat iron it. I just use whatever clip I have near by but the one's that give you less texture to your hair the better, because it makes less that you have to remove during straightening. Hot tools and little ones don't mix well I try to be as quick as possible when working with them with J around. 



2. The Half Up High Pony [Day 2 - 3]

With short hair you only have half options most of the time, you can't put the all of your hair up so for me this is a good option. I can pair this with my baggy boyfriend jeans and a white top and Converse and be good to go. 

For the High Pony this just requires a thin hair tie and a top section of your hair and put it as high as your comfortable with.  


3. The Half Up Top Knot 

For the last day and the plane/car ride home I would recommend the half up top knot. 

Since your hair was already in the half up high pony it will be easy to transition to the top knot and hide any bump or anything in your hair. I would recommend using a couple of bobby pins to keep this tidy but just make a small bun and clean it up with the bobby pins.  


I sectioned these looks into the days that you can possibly wear them because it will be so much easier than having to pack a ton of items into your small bag when going on a trip.  I have been wanting to do my best to pack lighter when traveling because now that we have J bringing a bunch of unnecessary things kills me because there is so much that is necessary for him. 

I hope you guys love this post, I hope to do more of them.  

If you guys love seeing these options for shorter hair styles, please let me know in the comments or over on social media I'd love to hear more feedback from you. 

3 Foolproof Ways to Style Short Hair

Keep it bold

I have desperately been trying to work on my makeup skills and one I have been wanting to master is applying false lashes, it seriously isn't as simple as it seems. 

As with everything you watch a YouTube video and take a stab at it, my stab took a few peel off then reapplications which then had more glue, then I needed and gunk that I didn't want all over my lashes but I can say even with all of that it at the moment is better than having lash extensions only because of J. 

When I had lash extensions J would keep pulling at my face and I felt like they were going to rip off my lashes, and honestly I couldn't deal with them myself. They were beautiful and maybe if they were done properly I'd love them more. But they weren't done properly and my real lashes were clumped together and it irritated me. 

Do I like falsies sure but the work to do it all makes me appreciate lash extensions and the falsies also make me love the fact that I can easily remove them at the end of the night. Plus with Falsies you can change the look without having to wait months or pay tons of money. 

Keep it Bold! | hello there, love.
Bold Lipstick Choices | hello there, love.
Red Lips for Date Night | hello there, love.
Lipstick Love | hello there, love.

just to feel pretty.

Not sure you are a frequenter or you are new here but I recently decided that I wanted to start upping my game when it came to this little ole blog of mine.

I want to make sure that my readers know that there is effort put into it and while this was a hobby before, I really want to do this full time.  Writing and photography have always been passions of mine and this blog gives me the place to perfect the two.  

Last week I had no intention of going out or doing anything special but I really just wanted to feel pretty.  I recently had a pretty shitty day and I was pretty down on myself.  I got tired of sitting back and just going through the motions of the day without any real effort in myself. Don't get me wrong I really love not wearing make-up more so since having J because he has a habit of biting my face [don't ask] and I don't want the "chemicals" to be ingested by him.  

No this isn't a plea for chemical-free make up it is just me being what I assume is super cautious even though as I type this he is chewing on a baby wipe [what is the deal with that anyways].  

I did my make-up and decided to take a couple of self-portraits which I have been trying to achieve a great SP for quite some time and I don't just mean a selfie, even though I do love me some selfies. 

Make Up Details

Foundation - Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation
Concealer - Nars Med/Dark Caramel
Highlight - Hard Candy Twinkle Star
Lipstick - Milani Matte Darling #74
Mascara - Almay One Coat Thickening
Blush - MAC Fleur Power
Highlight/Contour Stick - Hard Candy Deep


I took a few in a well lit area and then went upstairs for a little less light so you could see the difference.