Money, Money, Money.

hello there, loves! 

Yuck!  The money talk, I know we all hate it but it is what it is.  

If you kept up with my story you know I recently had a little one and before, this blog of mine was just a hobby for me. After I quit my full-time job to do the stay at home mom job, there is no way for me to still pay for all the things that are required of a blog without taking away from my family income.  

This blog is and always will be the place I get to have fun, share my opinions and non-expert advice on all things: fashion, beauty, food, life and travel.  

I recently decided it was time to add affiliate links, and ads something I have always hated on other blogs but now completely understand. It takes money to run blogs and it is no fun shoveling out the dough when it can technically pay for itself because, it can get expensive. 

I will always give my honest opinion regarding sponsored post, and I will always let you know if it is a sponsored at the top of each post. I can at times change my mind on people, places, and things once I use them multiple times so if I do I will try my best to update any post made in regarding to any of those things.  I do not want my readers to think I am here to just profit from their loyality, I value all of you. 

Lastly, I am human mistakes will happen and I will hope that as humans and friends you will understand

As always I am always available to be contacted at blog@hellotherelove.com.