Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I wanted a place to express myself, I love written word.  I also knew I wanted something of my own and the best way to achieve that was to start my own blog, be my own boss, and experience it. 

What camera and editing software do you use?

Since I am a photographer I own a Canon MKD III, a canon M50 and a Sony 6100.  I use lightroom to edit most of my images.  I also use an iPhone XS for when I am out and about. 

Do you collaborate with companies or other bloggers?

Yes, I would love to.  Please contact me and let's see if we vibe well. 

email: vashti@hellovashti.com
IG: @hellovashti


I need photos taken, can you help?

Of course! I'd love to help, just email me at vashti@hellovashti.com

Can you give advice for a new blogger?

Yes! The best advice I can offer, is to do it.  Jump right in, and DO IT! I love blogging it is a work in progress but it is something that has made me unbelievably happy.  I would also recommend taking time to decide on a name for your blog, don't just jump at the first name that comes to you. I have changed my blog name I believe 5 times! But finally wanted to represent myself and hello vashti was born!

What are your favorite stores?

I have the hardest time purchasing expensive items.  I normally shop at the following stores and sometimes those are even indulgences for me.

Forever 21